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Technology Does Not Make Someone a Musician,according to Nicola Atzei

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There is no doubt that technology has changed our lives. Whether one considers this change for the better or worse, onecannot deny that the world has gone digital. As we approach the level of a metaverse-based existence, careers are seeing this same exponential change.

Technology has been a part of music for a long time. The invention of electricity and machinery led to equipment such as speakers, microphones, mixers, and recording devices being utilized by performers and producers. Today, powerful hardware and software can do a large majority of the work when it comes to music production, but Nicola Atzei is a firm believer that these tools alone do not make someone a musician.

In fact, he is not a fan of someone who relies on technology rather than natural talent for their work. A great voice or mastery of an instrument is an organic talent, something a person is born with or develops with time and training. Most importantly, music should be a calling, something that the person is truly passionate about. And you should be able to hear that passion inthe musician’s work.

Nicola Atzei can tell in an instant whether or not an artist has a genuine love for their craft. No technology in the world can recreate this critical element. Not to mention, NICOLA ATZEIconsiders the overuse of technology to be a slap in the face to what he deems “real” musicians. And it is deceiving to fans as well since they are enjoying an electronic creation rather than an organic masterpiece.

Sure, technology is great for cleaning up background noise, editing, and making a voice or instrument sound clearer or more pronounced, but it cannot be a replacement for talent. To become a true musician, you must have the knack for it. If one’stalent is so limited that they need technology to sound even mediocre, they are in the wrong line of work, per Nicola Atzei. In this case, he recommends such people get into another area of the music business and give those with a true calling their opportunity to take center stage.

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