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Tavia TV: Surviving Issa’s Final Season

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Once again, Issa Rae is in an endless love triangle. Despite the men that have entered and exited her life, its evident that she has only one true love, Lawrence. The realism is unfortunate for Nathan who evidently is in love with her but isn’t stupid enough to get completely swept into Issa’s witty humor and round the way girl personality. He is though always there, completely reliable. Maybe it’s his way for making it up disappearing when she thought she could move forward with him. Molly and Issa have consistently existed for one another. Filling in the voids that their tumultuous relationships with men left behind, they are still trying to get back to the place when only they mattered to one another. It is simply that fact that keep them trying. If only those efforts were present in their sexual relationships.

Life is complicated. Something inside has died in Issa and it’s apparent that she once again clinging to whomever she can. It’s that season that I was actually happy that Nathan didn’t say he loved her too. I mean it only felt like she said it because she feared losing someone else. Hence his exit from the friend zone and her allowance for him to introduce himself to her mother as her boyfriend. I mean if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with. Although telling your own story is worth it in the long run, you have to do the work to figure out what those words will be. I guess that is why we are all insecure. We all afraid in some sort to be unapologetically ourselves. But only the test of time will determine if Issa will end up where she ultimately belongs which is with Lawrence.

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