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Tonight we watched the final episode of Insecure where Issa finally made the decision we all begged her to make. Some would say the decision was made for her as Nathan bowed out within the first two minutes of the episode. While others would plainly agree that Lawrence was indeed the man that she was always meant to be with and the same reigns true for Lawrence. We watched Lawrence plow into Banker Bae and knock up Condola who acted like like she really wasn’t even that into him. Yet by the end of episode 10 even free spirited Kelli had settled down, gotten pregnant, Molly suffered her greatest loss and Tiffany was on baby number 2.

With everything that seemed to happen so quickly, I was most happy with the relationship between Molly and Issa. Their relationship was the only real question hanging over the minutes of every episode. Would they finally fall in sync and realize that they had to do the work to make their relationships work. Not only clinging to each other when things were falling apart. I was happy to see Molly finally find the happiness she had been searching for.

The last 15 minutes felt like what happens when you fast-forward through a show. It was like bam they made it Denver, bam Molly’s mom died, bam she was gone a year and Kelli took the job offer, bam Kelli’s pregnant, bam Molly is married and Kelli has no bump but Tiffany does. It happened too fast but what can you expect from a 40 minute finale episode. It slowed down long enough for Issa and Lawrence to get back together and for Issa to drive through the memories of her past. You have to ask yourself if you would have been more disappointed if Issa had opted to leave us with a cliffhanger.

But like the closing track as the credits rolled, Issa is a Boss and gave us the highs and lows we needed to see that growth happens when you get out your own head and ultimately out your own way. Life could all be so simple but sometimes we choose to make it hard by allowing our own fears strip us from the happiness we clearly want. Great Job to cast of Insecure and on to the next!

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