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Q&A with Musician David Revuelta about Inspiration

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Where does Madrid’s favorite young musician get his inspiration? We caught up with him between performances to find out.


David Revuelta is the 20-year-old musician that Madrid has been whispering about for the last few months. This lockdown success became an inspiration to millions when he decided to publish some of the songs he had worked on in his bedroom. From an early age, David uses a blend of soft beats, rhythmic sounds, and sampled tunes to create some of the most innovative music from the continent in decades.


Eclectic Sounds and Success


The last few months have seen David Revuelta go from a little-known local act to a full-blown Spanish success story. Using only the available tool, David created some expert music worthy of being on everyone’s playlist. 

Alongside musical fame, he has found himself becoming an overnight social media star. This skyrocket to stardom has seen him come into his own. David thrives on this newfound attention, where others might have shied away from it. He has adapted to the life of a social media star with ease, enjoying the limelight.


Q&A with David Revuelta: How He Gets Inspired


Given that his thousands of monthly listeners on Spotify enjoy his inspirational sounds, we wanted to know what it was that makes David himself inspired. Is it nature? Did you spend time with friends? So we managed to video chat with him between recording sessions, straight out of his home-based Madrid studio.

Us: Hi David, so good to see you and looking so well. Can you tell us what inspires you to create contemporary music?

David: Hi, hello, nice to see you. I am a romantic at heart. I like to take long walks when the sun is setting. I want to unwind and relax. If you cannot grow and rest and remove yourself from the studio and the sounds, you can’t put it all together into something people will love.

Us: Do you think artists put too much pressure on themselves to create, then?

David: Yes. It’s a massive problem in the industry. You are in the studio working every day, but nobody sees that. They look on Instagram and TikTok, and they see the highlights. They don’t know that every song has taken weeks of effort and hard work. It’s a little lonely, you know? I think that’s why artists hang out with other artists all the time.

Us: Your social media accounts are popping right now. Do you think you will progress as an influencer? 

David: I mean… It’s not what I do; I make music. If social media success is part of it, then I’ll manage it, you know? But I just want to make music and drink cocktails till the sun comes up. It’s not a bad life.

Us: David. Thank you so much for chatting with us about inspiration and where to find it. We will be rooting for you from the sidelines and lapping up every album.