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California’s Own Xpression The MC Revives The Culture

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Xpression The MC (Juan Carlos Fajardo Jr) hailing from Indio, California has been creating music for nearly half of his life. He puts his heart and soul in each of his songs, by speaking on real life situations and keeping the elements of emceeing. The 4 main elements of emceeing are “Rhyme Scheme”, “Delivery”, “Flow”, “Breath Control”.

The act of being able to put together multi syllable rhyme schemes and proper flow over instrumentals in a smooth way in the way that you are saying it, Xpression is also known for rapping on a higher skill than most artists out in the digital age. The community of what’s left of the emcees have started something saying that hip hop is dead due to mumble rap and the new type of music the kids are listening to these days but Xpression actually thinks it’s not dead because of the movement he has created. In one of his songs titled “Hiphop Ain’t Dead” featuring Cyhi The Prynce & Kxng Crooked I; just listen to the song and formulate an opinion of why hip hop isn’t dead these hungry emcees are making a statement, and than after listen to the radio in your city you will understand the difference.

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