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Signed Musician Hanna Shanar (Hanzo) Drops Homeostasis and Gets Thousands of Streams

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Musical artist “Hanzo” real name Hanna Shanar, has finally divulged in the music industry by releasing his own EP. Hanzo, who is the CEO of record label Rap Group Management, released his own music on all platforms. Born on August 8 1998 in Houston, Texas, Hanna Shanar is a multifaceted musical artist and CEO of record label Rap Group Management. Hanna also has a variety of other accomplishments and accolades for academics and scholarly work.


Growing up, Hanna always loved music and instruments. He played the guitar and piano from a young age, and his musical appreciation is what initially sparked him to eventually develop Rap Group Management, a record label with a multi-million Instagram following. Hanna’s passion for music did not stop there. In fact, instead of just signing artists under his label and managing music, Hanna decided that he wanted to make and share music with the world. His talent in piano and guitar, as well as his keen ear for melody and rhythm, came to life in Hanzo’s newest release album “Homeostasis.” Homeostasis is a six-track EP focused on joining piano, guitar, percussion, and other instruments to provide for lo-fi tracks that are useful for calming anxiety and relaxation. Hanzo’s music is perfect for anyone looking to ease their mind and transverse a world of bliss. This is part of the reason why Hanzo has reached over 10,000 Spotify followers in just a couple of weeks, and why his music has over 30,000 streams on Spotify alone. His tracks and album are quickly becoming popular listening points amongst artists looking for future lo-fi inspiration, and Hanzo has even teased through his social media that he plans to sign other artists to Rap Group Management. With potential collaborations on the horizon, there is nothing stopping this young musician from partnering with some big names in the industry to help propel his musical talent to the next level. His next release might have such a big pop that it jets Hanzo over the top and into fame overnight. Rumor has it that Hanzo might even get on his own track with lyrics since his education clearly depicts his wit, humor, and ability to think. Hanzo is not the average musician, he is a college graduate, a current graduate student, and has done other great things like write a book. However, the fame that Hanzo will acquire from his wondrous tune may prove to be what pushes him over the edge. Will Hanzo be the next in the industry to pop? Check updates on his Instagram or website to see if Hanzo is up next.