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What Artist Chiboki has to say to those coming up today

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Canadian artist Chiboki, born Dante Pitimada, hails from Brampton, Canada. With the music scene being most present in Canada, Chiboki is pursuing all of his dreams. Releasing music on major streaming platforms, also directing some of the most popular Canadian music videos, Chiboki is a force to be reckoned with.

Discovering his love for music in elementary school, Chiboki knew that he would make a career of it when he got older. In 2016 the music scene exploded in Toronto and Chiboki never looked back since. Networking and surrounding himself with the right people helped push Chiboki in the right direction. His recent projects “Lifestyle” and “Fly” are gaining popularity on streaming platforms.

Chiboki encourages the youth to always pursue their dreams. Growing up in a city with no hip-hop culture, Chiboki still found a way to pursue his dreams regardless of the road blocks. Doing what you love is a blessing, you would have hard days and setbacks but it’s all part of the journey. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work. Chiboki believes in giving back to his community and tries using his platforms to spread positivity to the youth.

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