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Boss Tripp 4Tre Releases “Ghetto Struggle” Video Featuring Derez De’Shon

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“Don’t you get tired of staying in the ghetto? This would’ve been able to happen without my manager Masta Johnson and the spirit from my late mother R.I.H. my coming soon daughter and caring wife”
-Boss Tripp 4Tre
Produced by Sire, a 17-year-old out of Cleveland, Ohio, the two come together over this base-heavy beat, with the accompanying video directed by Dice Photos. The kid actors in the video play Boss Tripp 4Tre and his childhood friends as well as Derez De’Shon childhood friends. He says “This video concept was great. I’m glad those who look up to me were able to play their part.
Lee Allen Johnson III also known as Boss Tripp 4Tre is a rising Hip-Hop/Rap artist and songwriter hailing from San Antonio, Texas where he attended Wagner High School. After graduating high school, he attended Gloria’s Barber College and soon started his journey as an entrepreneur. Strongly influenced by Nipsey Hussle, Boss Tripp 4Tre seeks to create music that will tell his story and connect with listeners all around the world. His story-telling ability will put listeners in his shoes and in his upbringing while his unique style and sound deviates from the trends in his hometown.
Aside from his musical career, Lee is a well-known barber in his city. He also has a little girl due in November which has been his most recent motivation this year. 
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