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Maor Mo Avigdor, The R&B Songwriter/Singer Taking Over the Industry

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Born and raised in a musical family in Israel, Maor Mo Avigdor has become one of the top R&B talents to grace the industry. His family had a music band that traversed the country performing on different stages. His mother was rushed from the stage to the hospital to give birth, which is how Maor was born. Music has been his passion from the age of 2, and he has grown up with great admiration for the R&B sound. Unlike the ordinary child who would choose toys or cartoons, Maor grew up fascinated with cassette tapes and some MTV music videos. He also loved singing, and RnB was a perfect genre to explore his musical ambitions.

At the age of 8, his family moved to the US, a phase that presented many new challenges. The language barrier was his greatest challenge, and he turned to music for solace. As they say, music is the universal art that cuts through all demographic barriers, and Maor is a true witness to it. He found music to be his unique way to express himself. Music provided him an avenue to express his emotions that he couldn’t explain in words. His passion for music was all he could think about and he often found himself writing songs while in school.

Growing up with a musical background did not guarantee direct success in the industry, and he had to work hard to make things happen for himself. Maor explains that he had to move out of a small town at the age of 18 to seek better opportunities to use his musical talents. He also had to find outlets for his music and eventually found mentors who were willing to help him. Maor also says that he had to learn how to develop strategies and plans that would guide him to success in music.

Maor turned to some of the greats in the industry to learn more about how to build on his talent. Rico Love, the veteran singer, songwriter, and record producer, was his greatest mentor. Rico Love was instrumental in helping him work on his music writing skills and how best to package himself as an artist.

Since then, Maor has become one of the notable R&Bartists in the American music scene. He has worked with several artists including Pleasure P, with whom he has collaborated on several projects. Maor has also worked with Talib Kweli, The Game, and others.   

He’s currently working on a new album, “Same God,” that features ten tracks available on various music streaming platforms. “Same God” is a collaborative album, and Maor has featured many musical talents, including Talib Kweli, Murs, Christopher Gray, Rico Love, Pleasure, and the Game. It’s a music combo that will take over the airwaves in the coming days. Maor says the album will be available on several platforms on October 19.

As an ambitious artist, Maor is looking forward to making great records that have musical integrity. He aspires to reach out to more artists and work with them. The essence of music is to produce pure vibes with no politics to give music lovers value in entertainment. His goal is to keep creating and reach out to fans around the globe.  

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