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Artist $inister Does Not Settle For Average

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$assy, $eductive, and $exy, rap artist $inister is vibrant and bold. Coming out of Houston, Texas, $inister is a powerful emerging voice on the female rap scene. Known for performing in fabulous bikinis and high heels, $inister is doing things differently, and the positive response from fans in the hip-hop space prove that she’s exactly what the scene has been missing.

Covering topics like getting money and building self-confidence in her music, $inister is always encouraging people to follow their passion. She takes pride in her appearance, invigorating other dark-skinned black women to embrace their natural beauty. She states:

“I just want black women to know that they’re special and that they’re worthy. Especially dark women. All black women are beautiful, but dark women lack representation. That’s what I want my listeners to take away. Confidence. A lot of people don’t have that.”

There is no doubt that $inister is a positive influence both on and off the stage. Having a love for music that started at a very young age, $inister has been able to take the skills and talents that she gained from years of experience with a sexy-tough attitude that makes her persona both intriguing and alluring.

Between performing in Atlanta, solidifying her promotional team at Wealth Nation, and landing a distribution deal with Sony, $inister is hopping from one career milestone to the next. With new music lined up for release this year, she is elevating her career to the next level, proving to be a rising name in the industry at large. You can hear more from $inister and see her latest projects at her Instagram.

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