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Watch Houston, TX Singer Jahmaiki Latest Visual “Down Tonight”

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Starting to make music back in 2012, Jahmaiki has been releasing bangers after bangers. He says that he’s always been around music, and watching it whilst growing up inspired him. Seeing artists like Chris Brown & Drake doing such big things made him realize that is what he wants to do, so he stuck with it.

Being very honest, Jahmaiki has progressed so much from square one. His most popular songs such as “Conflicts of My Soul”, “Ain’t Playing”, and “Bryson Tiller Flows” are definitely fire, and I heavily suggest you to check them out, they are definitely a good add to your main playlist. But, even though these are fire, I definitely see him becoming better and better over the next upcoming months, completely outdoing these tracks.

Jahmaiki has two albums on the way. He also released single “You & I”, off of his new album, “1 Soul On a Mission”, which is on all platforms.

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