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From Prison to Owning a Record Label Billy Burnz is a Force to be Reckoned With

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After being released from prison in November 2008 for Federal Firearms and Criminal Organization charges. Billy Burnz incorporated his Cerified Cash record label while studying courses in Business Marketing and Branding.

 This has been a goal of Billy’s since being locked up in January 2006, he vowed to change his life if he ever got released. In November 2008 after beating his trial Billy launched Certified Cash Corporation, then went on to signing, developing and managing artists like Honey CBlacka Da DonCuzzin Charlie and many others.

Within a year and a half Certified Cash Corporation went on to release 26 full length EP’s. The label sold approximately 35,000 CD’s physically and digitally. The CertifiedCashTV YouTube channel had over 3.5 million views and 44,000 subscribers. Due to internal issues between Honey C and Billy Burnz, the YouTube channel and all certified music online ended up being erased. Billy then closed down the Certified Cash Label and dissolved his former contracts. In August 2017 Billy decided to sign himself and rebrand Certified Cash Corporation.

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