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Marwan Shaheed takes over the music scene and hopes to make it huge across the world as an ace musician.

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“All Talk’ is his latest track that is an amazing mix of Arab and English music, proving his expertise, passion and prowess in music.

To dream of being a part of an industry that already overflows with many established talents also require guts and courage. People who are fearless can go ahead in creating their unique niche in such industries and can also thrive off of their creative thinking abilities, passion and commitment. The music industry is one that has given birth to so many such talented beings, who have been ruling the charts with their songs and music and each day have been creating magic with music. To make a place for oneself as a newcomer has never been a cakewalk. However, a few young talents have done even that and raised the bar for others. Doing exactly that is Marwan Shaheed, an ace musician with talents and skills that can even take over the world music scene.

Ask him what drove him towards the world of music and the youngster from the Middle East quickly replies saying, “To create my unique standing in the world of music, to create music that can easily make people feel belonged, that can connect with them and something that can compel them to keep listening to.” Adding further, he says, “I knew I would face fierce competition in the music industry; still, I dived deep into it, believing in my dreams and having a strong self-belief and confidence that my music will make me stand unique from others.”

Marwan Shaheed turned more heads and garnered more recognition with his latest track titled “All Talk”, a perfect combination of Arab and English music, which has inspired more innovations in the industry and upped the confidence of many other budding musicians to try something new. This is how the youngster is revolutionizing the music industry. Besides this, Marwan Shaheed is the founder of “Alnojomia”, a growing music production company known to have given several hits to the music industry.

He has been making strides in the music industry, where he has even collaborated with top German rap star Mero, which again proves his excellence in his music craft and his impeccable talents as a musician. Do follow him on Instagram @mrn to know more.

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