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Brick City-Bred Sir Rizzy Royale Delivers The Concrete Messages You Need

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Bringing stimulation of the mind to the fellas; being inspirational eye candy for the ladies while delivering concrete messages to people of all backgrounds and creeds, his witty sound and wordplay brings us to know of the brick city-bred, Sir Rizzy Royale (formally known as J Royale). Through refining his gift of poetry since childhood, the turned lyricist led to being a ball of fire that has yet to burn. Known for collaborations with and being cosigned by G-Unit’s own renowned producer and DJ, “WHOO KID.” He hosted Sir Rizzy Royale’s nationwide distributed mixtape, “Propane Poetry.” With messages that go this deep, whether it’s a song about a broken heart, bopping your head, or raising the “higher you,” it’s no wonder Sir Rizzy Royale (formally known as J Royale) attracts the support of many and is surly headed on the path to stardom.


Sir Rizzy Royale’s sophomore album titled “Master Apprentice” (available this fall) is just another testament to Sir Rizzy’s profound and undiluted artistry. Apart from music, Sir Rizzy is also into martial arts as he is a Kung Fu fighter, a Wing Chun master, and a stunt choreographer. Being a multi-faceted human being, it is hard not to feel the diversity and versatility in his musicality.  

Sir Rizzy is multi-talented. He is also a whiz-kid in technology, as he is well-versed in both programming and hardware. Also, Rizzy is a sharpshooter with arrows and a weapons specialist – Sir Rizzy Royale is a modern-day renaissance man. 

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