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Solo E Is Bringing a Realness To His Upcoming EP and Single “Ride”

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Solo E is a hip-hop artist, YouTuber, and entrepreneur. Along with producing music, he teaches how to day trade and Forex trade, runs a clothing brand called Blackink Inprint, and runs a successful YouTube channel called Solo E TV. As an independent artist, he produces his own music and works with producers such as Milodrama Beats, Disney Beats, Ransom, J Grooves, and more. Currently, he is working on an EP that is planned to drop in October and is set to release his new single “Ride” in September.

“Ride” and the yet-to-be-titled EP discuss real-life experiences and battles. Solo E discussed these in an interview relating, “‘Ride’ is based on me doing my girlfriend wrong by not being there for her all the time; cheating and acting like I never cared for her,” and the “EP is about my real-life battles, rather than my past relationships. Real-life street battles I face, mental issues and spiritual issues.” Solo E’s music is inspired by real soul music and gospel. He revealed that artists such as Aretha Franklin, Jodeci, Sam Cooke, Tyrese, and New Edition have played big roles in developing his spiritually healing sound. Be on the lookout for much more from this rising artist and entrepreneur.

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