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Revive The Dancer On The Beats By Matthew Schultz

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Matthew Schultz, a prominent singer, songwriter & entrepreneur, brings the sound of summer through his latest single ‘One Wok’ in collaboration with Zolo.


The lockdown blues have prevailed over our lives for more than a year, and it is time to beat them with ‘One Wok’  through some awesome gatherings filled with refreshing music. ‘One Wok’ by Matthew Schultz featuring Zolo is the song that brings colors, and composure in life through his eccentric effect and lyrics to catch the attention of every bystander.


After creating songs like ‘Promises For Keeps’ and ‘Somewhere Far’, Matthew is ready to take the music industry by storm through his new song collaboration. Every track that he creates brings an exquisiteness that often lacks when the industry is brimming with millions of artists in the same genre. However, Matthew sees beyond the process of combining tunes and lyrics. He wants to create music that leaves a mark and serves a purpose in the lives of others. Be it expressing feelings or uplifting the mood, he creates songs that create an unwavering connection with the audience. ‘One Wok’ is a song that is full of cool effects, and genius lyrics that add to the ear candy.

Revive The Love

This song initiates with a somber four-chord progression by Zolo and develops into a catch percussion. As lyrics hit your ears, you will not be able to resist the urge to dance and sway with the music. When you glance over to your soulmate the hook of the song will seize the moment, “I one wok for you….”. These lyrics represent the intense hard work that one is ready to put in to meet the love of their life.


Then the song continues to instill feelings of love among couples through his sensuous lyrics, and top-notch effects. This song is the ideal summer anthem with a tinge of dance vibes. After delivering so many bangers, it was a difficult job for Matthew to surpass those milestones. However, his determination and astute desire to deliver good music has created yet another head-bopping track. 


Summer is the time to party, and what is a better companion for the dance floor than the songs by Matthew. The isolation blues will vanish in the atmosphere filled with happiness when this song will play at parties and gatherings. So, put your party shoes on and don’t forget to practice the best dance moves!

A Mix Of Favorite Beats

‘One Wok’ combines the flavors of all genres into one. This starts with dance hall beats and then blends with the indie lyrics and stellar hip-hop effects. The track has a light and breezy soundscape that gives a tropical vibe to it and adds more sizzle to the song when combined with the minimalistic layers of chord progression.

Matthew has once again outdone himself by creating a song that touches hearts and also energizes the soul. This song has the potential to lighten the mood in all situations. Listen to it here.

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