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DJ duo Subsurface launching New Label ‘KARDO Records’

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Italian DJ and music production duo Subsurface, mainly known for their hits ‘Get Lost’ and ‘Gold Skies’, as well as their successful remix of ‘Paris’ by The Chainsmokers, launched their very own record label called KARDO Records together with fellow artists Abstrakt and Karim MC.


Subsurface have come a long way, from playing underground shows to selling out headline shows all over the world, while producing most of their songs in their bedroom studio in the middle of the European Alps. After playing their first shows in their hometown Bolzano (Northern Italy) back in 2010, they soon decided to move away from mainstream club music and found recognition in the early Italian and Austrian dubstep scene. They started producing their own songs which led to their first important release “Mr. Magician” feat.

Leanne Louise on Moshbit Records in late 2015. They took advantage of their recent success and published a remix of The Chainsmokers’ single ‘Paris’ in January 2017. Consistently releasing new music in 2017 and 2018, Subsurface established their name in the Future Bass scene and got supported by international acts like The Chainsmokers, Martin Garrix and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. They played shows all across the world, started their very first bus tour in 2019 including 3 different countries and headlined DJ Mag Top 100 nightclub BCM Planet Dance (Mallorca, Spain).


Supporting other artists has always been an important factor in their career, therefore launching a record label has been a desire for many years. After all of their performances had to be canceled due to COVID in 2020, the duo sat down together with their close friends Karim MC and Abstrakt and decided that this would be the perfect moment to finally realize their plans. “With KARDO Records, we are focusing on our artist-first culture that is connected and committed to music”, says Karim MC, President of KARDO Records. Stefan Subsurface adds, “It’s an honor to have one of the first releases on KARDO Records. It’s a highlight of our career for sure. And since we’ve been working closely with Karim and Dominik (Abstrakt) for a long time, we know it will be a label that really supports its artists creatively. Not just us, but all the artists we’ll be working with. It’s perfect.” Over the past few years, KARDO Squad has launched successful music initiatives including KARDO Events, KARDO Media, and KARDO Radio Show. KARDO Records is now the next big step, Karim said. KARDO Squad is considered one of the best known DJ collectives in Italy and Austria. Their artists include international greats such as Toby Romeo, Subsurface, RageMode or Abstrakt. Besides Subsurface, the first confirmed releases on the label include upcoming Italian artists VLLN, Mike Touch and AVE.


Furthermore, the founders of KARDO Records announced on their official Instagram account: “We know how hard it can be to get heard in this scene and how abhorrent it is not to get a chance. For this reason we decided to set up a contact point for creatives from the fields of music, fashion and visuals. Here everyone should have the chance to score with their work and to work out the possibility in the KARDO environment to take over a task”.

People who are interested in a cooperation with the label should simply send a demo to their email address. Also ideas for larger projects are gladly seen.The team wants to take care of all submissions: “We will try to process each submission and contact the artists after a period of evaluation to set up a project in which the creative exchange should be in the foreground and you work together on something bigger.”


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