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Meet Kay Franklin: Up-and-coming Name in Hip-Hop and R&B.

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Songwriter and singer Kay Franklin is emerging as a future household name in the Hip-hop and R&B world. Franklin has spent most of his life producing and writing songs. A multi-genre artist, Kay Franklins is a cross between sultry R&B and liberation. He has been involved in creating various hits. From Hip-hop to R&B, Trap to Pop, with his most notable penning on, “Rocket Science” for Joyce Wrice, and the recently released “4 The Low” for Problem and Wiz Khalifa. With 60k monthly organic listeners, this melodic crooner gives an open invitation to the world of Bae Franklin, and it feels like 90’s R&B.

The West Los Angeles native and grandson of the illustrious John Barnes, who produced for Michael Jackson, Chaka Khan, Quincy Jones. Has spent more than half his life producing and writing records, for both himself and for other artists. This rich musical background has exposed Franklin to the world of music at a young age. The many talented and successful artists he has met have taught him that talent can open many doors. First-hand experience is vital. Franklin understands that talent is never sufficient to make a great artist. Hard work, dedication, and discipline complement talent and are essential for survival in the industry.    

However, Franklin does not ride on the family wave. He has worked tirelessly to build his music brand. Fans love him for his originality and thrilling sound that brings back the 90’s R&B vibes but with a modern touch. His music speaks for itself and is earning him fans globally. Franklin’s fanbase is rapidly growing thanks to his undeniable appeal.

An ambitious artist with the desire to be one of the greatest, Franklin is constantly working hard to perfect his craft. He spends most of his time learning and perfecting his sound. His focus is on getting it right rather than getting it right now. Franklin believes that nothing comes easy or overnight. Artists need to work hard and identify their purpose in music for success to come their way. Music is a very competitive career and constant innovation and keeping up with the times is essential for survival.

With a first-growing audience, Franklin is aiming to keep his momentum going. He is planning to release his second EP soon. He is working on a partnership with Hennessy and also has two major productions planned. His long-term goal is to make one of the greatest albums of all time. Becoming one of the best artists of the current generation is also part of his vision.

Though on the right path to success, Franklin’s journey has not been all rosy. He has faced numerous challenges but managed to overcome them. Starting a career from a musical background comes with an uncalled-for pressure to be better. Being the perfection he is, Franklin never felt like anything was perfect enough. This resulted in him holding his music to himself until some people started to resonate with his music.

Franklin has learned not to worry about small things. He draws lots of inspiration from his little daughter, who taught him what it means to love someone.

With such a mindset, Franklin is destined to be the next big name in the industry.

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