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William Goodall, Founder Of Bay Smokes: Aiming To Put the World’s Collective Mind At Ease With His Knowledge Of Plant Medicine

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In Miami, Florida, William Goodall is putting in a 15-hour day in which he will devise a social media and marketing plan for his own brands and create original content and field requests from clients of his media management company. By his side is his life and business partner, Katiana Kay, who, through failures and successes, has stayed committed to Goodall and their long-term visions of entrepreneurial success. Over the years, their main focus of work has been forming and building Goodalls online cannabis company Bay Smokes, which sells top-of-the-line cannabis products and accessories, all while serving as a vessel for Goodall to shares his knowledge on the positive benefits of plant medicine with the world.

“I feel called to do what I’m doing because I think it’s something that the world needs,” Goodall proudly shares. At only 22 years of age, William Goodall had found himself at the forefront of the growing industry that is recreational cannabis. A lifelong passion for learning about and experimenting with plant medicine has landed the Bay Smokes founder at the helm of future discovery. “I plan on managing the growing of all the plants that go into the nutraceuticals that we make, as well as the cannabis line, Bay Smokes,” he states.

Dropping out of college after one year, Goodall knew that while formal secondary education may not be from him, learning and growing both educationally and professionally was still important in order to achieve his future goals. “Every day, you will learn new lessons that make you closer to the man/woman you need to be in order to achieve your goals,” he states. In the next couple of years following his departure from the university, hardships became very prevalent in the lives of Goodall and Kay. They found themselves facing debt and little to no success in their career pursuits. However, with each other’s help, the partners seemingly rose from the ashes to the top of the cannabis industry with Bay Smokes.

In the business of recreational cannabis, which is still a relatively young industry in many ways, Goodall and the story of Bay Smokes have become an inspiration for many young entrepreneurs looking to take advantage of the new opportunities this industry is creating. As shown in his own life story to this point, Goodall wants those hopeful business owners to know what the journey to success may entail. “Every day, I discover more along the journey about how my goals will manifest into reality,” he states. Goodall has become a trailblazer of sorts at a young age in his industry and is working hard to spread the message of how the use of cannabis can improve one’s life. “In short, I’m driven by my passions and finding ways to bring my ideas to life.”

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