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Julia Tychoniewicz: How to Leverage Your Talent to Create a Positive Change in the World

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While technology is what makes the world turn, it is kindness that makes the world go round. Kindness, love, and the ability to care are what have helped humankind progress as a society. In today’s times, the world needs a little more of these. One person who understands this and is using her platform to spread more positivity in the world is Julia Tychoniewicz.

Model and sportsperson extraordinaire, Julia is taking the world by storm, one smile at a time. She is climbing the rungs of success while breaking the norms. Despite being in the cutthroat world of modeling, Julia believes in uplifting others and growing together. A rebel of beauty standards that cause people to feel insecure about themselves, she promotes beauty that is innate, comfortable, and healthy. With her success, she is bringing about a significant change in perceptions.

Julia is inspiring a generation of self-aware, secure people. Over the years, she has amassed a tremendous following, and she’s using her platform to educate and motivate them towards following healthier practices. Today, insecurities are even closer to home with perfection and unhealthy hustle being glorified on social media. Influencers have the power to comfort their diverse following by creating conversations. Through the content that she creates, the brands she partners with, and the issues that she is vocal about, Julia is creating this positive space for her followers.

Inclusion is the word of the hour. Since we are such a diverse species, there can be no fixed standard of beauty. We all should strive to create a positive space for ourselves and others around us, through everything that we do- music, poetry, science, modeling, medicine, and more. By using our talent to create a positive change, as Michael Jackson once said, let’s make a better place for you and for me.

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