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Impressing Live Crowds Made Easy with Expert Tips by Ronnie Wray

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Getting in front of a live crowd and putting up a show is one of the most intimidating things out there for most people. And it’s even more difficult to captivate them and get them excited enough to remember what you have to say to them. Ronnie Wray is a pro in making crowds go wild with his music and his skills in hosting music festivals. Here, he shares three tips to help you enthrall any crowd.

Hook them early.

The most important thing while performing for a crowd is to get your audience excited early. “Once they lose interest, it’s incredibly hard to get it back,” says Ronnie Wray. “I start by getting them amped up and asking them to scream. It’s interactive and keeps the energy up.” When you’re playing music, he recommends starting with a song that is upbeat and preferably something that most of your fans will know, even if they only follow you casually. That way, it will be easier for them to engage with the rest of the concert.

Build momentum.

However, having an exciting beginning to an event is not enough. Once you have the crowd under your grasp, you have to keep them there. “You want your concert to build over time, at least after your first number,” says Ronnie Wray. “Fold in different types of songs while still keeping the audience excited.” For a host, that means changing up your intros and having different things to say. “Folding in fun anecdotes about the band or team members can be a great way to make the crowd laugh and have a fun time.”

Make them feel special.

Ronnie Wray recommends acknowledging the crowd in tangible ways. “When I’m hosting, I like to think of it as a conversation. Sometimes I’ll talk to people in the front row or ask people to cheer if they agree with a certain statement,” says Wray. “Shouting out their city name while addressing a crowd always helps a lot, too.”

Capturing the attention of a crowd can be difficult. However, if you follow Ronnie Wray’s advice, you’ll learn how to keep them wrapped around your finger in no time.

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