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Trev Daddy Is Charged Up to Create More Music after the Massive Success of “Button Down Summer”

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A successful musical career in today’s world is nothing short of a challenge, and unless they are genuinely passionate about it, most people give up halfway. The music industry is saturated, and some of these ‘artists’ are only in it for the money. Unfortunately, this shadows true talents who are struggling to put their music out and win over audiences. However, Trev Daddy says that though difficult to break into, dedication and resilience can help you get through and flourish in the music world.

Trev Daddy is an all-rounded artist who started as a DJ at 16. He played at clubs across North America as he set his foot in the music industry. In addition to his passion for music, Trev explains that his career has heavily been inspired by the party lifestyle and Canadian groups like NELK.

Trev Daddy’s kind of music are tunes that you can sing along to. He creates music for the people and wants his audience to have fun listening to his songs. He has received massive support for his debut single “Button Down Summer,” which he says came together when he packed for his LA trip. Trev realized he’d packed ten button-downs, and it all grew from there.

The song’s demo, which Trev Daddy sent to friends, received a lot of positive feedback. This created a buzz around the song, and with the demo playing at bars across Ontario, Trev decided to finish the piece and release it. Though he planned to let it reach audiences organically, the song got a life of its own and spread like wildfire, creating global recognition for his debut single. Since then, Trev explains that the song has made it to Canada’s most popular radio mix show and even had T-Pain playing it on his livestream.

Trev Daddy explains that the overwhelming reception of his debut single has been a welcome surprise. It has pushed him in his music career and inspired him to do more. “Button Down Summer” has set the pace for his music career as Trev Daddy hopes to create more music and reach wider audiences in the future.

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