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Entrepreneur CEO-ISHHH & FAT BOY SSE Share Business Tips!!!

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American rapper Tyriq Thomas Kimbrough, whose stage name is FatBoy SSE, is also an Instagram star and YouTuber. In addition to his comedy videos on Instagram, he has become a YouTube star. In addition to being an excellent rapper, FatBoy SSE has also had great success in music production.

In the video, FatBoy SSE discusses how he became an entrepreneur and got his LLC through his lawyer. FatBoy SSE’s business took off in 2018. In 2018, everything went in his favor with his business ventures. To improve his lifestyle, he has been very active in entrepreneurship. Additionally, he owns a CBD company. The challenges in his career have been many, but he has always remained positive and never given up. A consistent work ethic, as well as God’s blessings, are credited with his success.

As for CEO-ISHHH, Despite all the racist discrimination, he became a successful entrepreneur. People told him that he’d fail in apparel when he launched his clothing line. He only needed to focus on his goal and ignore trolls and hate.

Historically, black people have had a difficult time with it. So, for our community, a black man emerging as a successful entrepreneur is a big deal. 

According to him, flowing from a passion and being focused to achieve our goals is the key to success. Entrepreneurship is not an overnight success! In addition to doing odd jobs, he worked in parking lots and did dishes. Working hard eventually leads to success, he says. He believes that if you are sincere and pure, God will reward you. As a result of God’s strength, he believes he can do anything.

Everything good in life is the result of your intention. By donating and caring for others, he tries and be a blessing for others if he is blessed.




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