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From Basketball Star to Hip-Hop Sensation: How Pretty Tony Is Making His Mark on The Music Industry

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Whatever you do, do it with determination. You have one life to live; so do your work with passion and give it your best. Whether you want to be a chef, doctor, singer, or athlete, be passionate to get the best result- Alia Bhatt. True to these words, Pretty Tony is a living example that passion supersedes everything else. From ruling the basketball courts to taking over the hip-hop scene, Tony has shown the world that you can achieve any goal in life as long as you are driven by passion.

Pretty Tony is one of the rising talents in the music scene. He is a young and ambitious hip-hop artist showing the ability to dominate the industry soon. Pretty Tony has come in with a new, unique and fascinating hip-hop sound that is full of energy. He is thrilling many hip-hop enthusiasts with his captivating lyrics accompanied by his melodic hooks balanced with his sweet vocals.

Formally known as Anthony Lezell Davis, Jr, Pretty Tony was born on May 14, 1999, in Mississippi. He grew up showing great interest in sports at a young age. Park commission baseball and football were his favourite sports until his teens. An enthusiastic, focused, and competitive athlete, Pretty Tony excelled in sports earning himself the nickname “Touchdown Tony” for his outstanding performances in football. On the baseball field, Tony was among the best and played in the Little League World Series. He had committed all his life to his education and sports.

Coming from a sports family also greatly influenced his love for sports. Both his mum and dad were great at basketball, playing for the college while coaching the high school. His dad was a great inspiration to him, such that Tony decided to join the Shaw High School to play for his dad.

Success is the product of hard work, and Pretty Tony clearly understood it. He put in a lot of hard work, pushed by a burning desire to make his parents proud. Born a winner, Tony won the state championships for two consecutive years; 2014-2015. Amazingly, Tony was an all-around student. Tony also excelled in the classroom and graduated with honors.

Success in school and sports earned him a scholarship to the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. As expected, Tony continued excelling in sports. Besides living up to his father’s legacy, he pledged Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity, incorporated and his dad was allowed to pin him during initiation ceremonies. Tony was headed to becoming an NBA star, if not a legend of the game.

However, things took a new turn in his last semester of the year. Tony was no longer interested in basketball. He openly expressed his hidden passion for music and that it was all he wanted to do. Excelling in sports was in honor of his parents, but his heart was elsewhere. Music was his true calling, and that’s where he belonged. Since leaving University, Pretty Tony has seriously pursued music with the full support of his parents.  

Former basketball star turned rapper; Pretty Tony has already established a promising music career. His debut album “Rich Tony” is doing exceptionally well, with over 200k views on YouTube. The album features some prominent names in the hip-hop scene like Sauce Walka, Peso Peso, Rizzoo Rizzoo, and Kenny Muney. This is a significant milestone in his young music career, paving the way for him to hit the mainstream.

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