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Why Josymar “Llay” Freire’s Music Is Gaining Worldwide Recognition

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Renowned international music artists are famous for a reason, such as because their songs are stuck in your head. This is also the case with the singer-songwriter Josymar “Llay” Freire. He started promoting his songs in Portugal, and he’s now making his way to the global music scene. His fanbase is steadily growing on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and that also goes for audio streaming platforms SoundCloud and Spotify.

Llay is a Portuguese music artist whose expertise spans numerous genres. He can work well with hip-hop, trap, rhythm and blues (R&B), and even Afrobeat, Kizomba, and Zouk. This is what makes his songs stand out from the rest of the crowd. He uses his knowledge in different genres to create a unique musical style that has become his distinguishing feature as an artist.

What makes Llay notable is that he knows that he has to bring something new to the table to make it big in such a competitive industry. This is why he made and grabbed every opportunity to add to his experience and widen his musical knowledge.

When he was still a teenager, he already had a passion for music but not much knowledge and experience. Therefore, rather than waiting for his time to shine or for someone to give him the opportunity, he devised his own means to promote himself. He hosted small events and parties with his friends in London to perform and let his music be known.

Llay finally had his official debut as a musician in 2015. He formed the band ExL, and in only a year, their song “Vou te Pegar” got more than two million views on YouTube. This immense success was followed by three more singles until Llay started promoting as a solo artist.

Llay acknowledges that a big part of who he is now can be credited to the time he spent as a member of ExL. His experience at the band allowed him to improve his skills and grow as an artist. In addition, many of his loyal fans, who continue to support him, have heard about him because of it. Going solo was a big decision for Llay to make, but one that resulted in the turning point in his career.

The first single that Llay released as a solo artist was “Toca No Meu Body.” This song gained a lot of attention online and was even featured in one of Portugal’s most renowned AfroKizomba YouTube channels, Mais Kizomba. He then followed it with “No Talking” and “A DM To My Ex,” which his fans loved. Recently, he dropped his latest single, “Too Much,” featuring Qiqi Garcia this July.

Llay’s prominence was indeed greatly affected by his unique musical style. After all, his songs are unlike any you’ve heard before, and you’re bound to have it on loop in your head the moment you choose to play them. However, if you have heard of his story, then you’ll know that his fame can also be credited to his willingness to improve his natural talent through experience.

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