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How Mario “Wizzo” Fernandez Is Changing The Recording Studio Experience With Bitstream Audio

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If you’re working in the music production industry, you must be familiar with the struggles of collaborating with other producers in the studio. One example is using different digital audio workstations (DAWs), which is the software used to record, edit, and produce music. Fortunately, with Bitstream Audio, you can now sync your workflow with other producers and save time in rendering and sharing audio files.

The groundbreaking audio interface brand Bitstream Audio was brought into existence through the music producer, recording engineer, and entrepreneur Mario “Wizzo” Fernandez. His career began when he spent his internship at Actual Eyes Media in 2009. After a year, he was able to work with the American rapper Nipsey Hussle. From then on, his career has only continued to grow.

Currently, he’s one of the most renowned producers in the industry, with thousands of followers on his Instagram. He was even nominated by the Grammy Awards for his profession as a mixing engineer. The concept for the Bitstream Audio came to him while he was working with the platinum producers Lil Jon and Mike Free. They used different DAWs, so it was difficult for the team to collaborate because of compatibility issues.

Of course, there’s always the classic way of cross-DAW collaboration, which is file swapping. However, exporting audio files from your software takes up time, and so does uploading it to the cloud storage you share with the other producers. They then have to download the file manually and import it to their DAW, which will also consume quite a lot of time.

Another solution is to be fluent in numerous DAWs to adjust to what the producers you’re collaborating with are using. In some cases, it takes years for others to finally master their chosen software. Transferring to a different software so that you do not deal with the struggles of cross-DAW collaboration might make you less efficient with your work.

It was at that moment that a bulb lit up in Wizzo’s mind. If there was a technology that would serve as a synchronization point regardless of the DAW that was being used, they could save a lot of time. They could have spent it for actual production work rather than on rendering the music they produced and sharing it with each other. Since there wasn’t such an audio interface available, Wizzo decided to start the project himself.

Bitstream Audio’s Pulse Trio has not one but three device inputs, unlike traditional audio interfaces. It takes data from the different DAWs connected to it, allowing you to listen to audio or sync your workflow through one stereo output. This way, you can easily collaborate with two other producers in the studio regardless of the software they use.

As Wizzo intended, Bitstream Audio is now on its way to revolutionizing producers’ recording studio experiences. Thousands are showing their anticipation for the presale of the audio interface after hearing about what the technology can offer to the music production industry on Instagram. In no time, Pulse Trio is expected to be a staple in every studio worldwide.

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