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Tru Goddezz’s Powerful Music Unlocks Listeners To Their Deepest Selves

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Recently rising in the music scene is a huge wave of artists who have a primary focus on spirituality and self-love. One of the talented artists in this unique music genre is Tru Goddezz. This trailblazing artist has delivered divinely created songs that show elements of wisdom and quantum codes. Tru Goddezz presents her music for people to embrace the alluring divine feminine, also known as the heart chakra.

Many artists from different generations have tried to incorporate the aspects of metaphors, storytelling, and spirituality into their music. However, very few have managed to unlock all these attributes and obtain quality results that appeal to the masses. Tru Goddezz, on the other hand, has shared her immense talent in delivering transformative music that impacts listeners on a deeper level. Tru Goddezz is recognized for her unique and haunting soundtrack composition of “I Am Vision Creator: The Movie Part 1 The Ego.” This documentary won several awards, with the soundtrack being equally applauded by critics and fans alike. The single from the soundtrack called “Maya” climbed the charts, earning a high pop score and excellent reviews on Jango Radio.

Music, according to Tru Goddezz, is a powerful instrument that can speak directly to one’s soul, manifesting in different ways. Citing her song “Tick Tok Gingle” as an example, music offers a sense of healing and awakening that directly transmits to our brains. After listening to this new composition, people of all ages expressed a positive, uplifting feeling. Listeners experienced a feeling of internal happiness, abundance, manifestation, and the inspiration to dance. It’s clear that Tick Tok Gingle will have an uplifting impact on all who listen.

In addition to her hit single “Maya,” Tru Goddezz has released other incredible tracks that are unlike anything else. Her song “Self Love” speaks for itself, as the lyrics affirm the value of loving and respecting oneself to obtain a different kind of joy. “Shadow Cry,” another one of her singles, was written as a guide for everyone to find their inner child to express their wounded self.

Encouraging people to embrace the sexy, divine feminine energy is the primary goal of Tru Goddezz in producing most of her compositions. Her song called “Sex Sea” illustrates the Divine Mother that’s present in our individual lives, and represents the divine feminine energy in both men and women.

This divine femininity is manifested in various things like sexual therapy, celibacy, identifying and working through past events, and receiving and giving love. According to Tru Goddezz, the awakening of the secret feminine force of life in every individual will open other doors for personal improvement. This awakening will also result in the purification and ascension of each person’s sexual energy that’s waiting to be unveiled. Every person is a powerhouse of undiscovered energy, and music can help everyone release theirs.

According to some studies, listening to music releases the same chemicals to the brain that sex, drugs, and alcohol do. For this reason, artists like Tru Goddezz are very eager to raise awareness among people of the unknown benefits of music. Spiritualityconscious music is gaining momentum in society, and it’s just a matter of time before it becomes mainstream.

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