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With Half a Million Streams on Spotify, The Rap Duo SimpkinsTwins is Just Getting Started

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As the buzz on the growing music streaming services continues to increase, its impact on the music scene is undeniable. With platforms like Spotify, more rising stars now have a medium to showcase their talent. No doubt, the advancement in technology has had an enormous impact on the music industry.

The SimpkinsTwins is a young rap duo giving other rappers a run for their money. Despite their short run, ThSimpkinsTwinshave already established their spot in the music industry.

Growing up, the SimpkinsTwins were always passionate about music. Having studied the violin at the age of six, the duo is definitely not new to the intricacies of music. Even though they have had great success with their previous releases, they say they are just getting started.

In life, growth is dependent on how driven a person is. In less than two years of their debut, the rap duo has managed to capture the attention of more than 50,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.  The duo notes they have learned that opportunities won’t magically materialize unless you create them. The duo attributes their success to their undying passion for music, determination, and strong support system from their fans.

Asked about their inspiration, the SimpkinsTwins emphasize that they want to create music that resonates with the audience. According to the duo, their aim is to make universally understood music regardless of the culture or background.

The music industry is very competitive. Becoming a fan favorite within a short time shows you how well the audience has received their music. For example, their newest single, “Never stop” has in less than 30 days of its release become a go-to tune gaining more than 76,000 plays.

While they continue to make a hit with their new song, their EP, “Outta Space”, is setting the bar higher as it has generated more than half a million streams so far. Their skill and talents when it comes to creating unique and fresh sounds are indeed paying off. However, the rap duo notes it has not always been a smooth ride. When they were releasing their EP, the pair said that while they were in their sophomore year, they had to switch to online learning. This is simply one of the many sacrifices, risks, and challenges they have had to endure.

The path you choose in life is dependent on what you want to achieve. Your dream should always be bigger than your fears, say the duo. From a young age, they envisioned themselves as artists, and true to that, they made their dream a reality.

Looking back at where they started and how far they have come,The SimpkinsTwins are not only proud of their journey but are motivated to be better.

With their determination, their story is far from over. The duo is just getting started. They are destined for true fame.

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