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From D1 Football Walk On to Serious Momentum in the Music Industry The Unexpected Rise of Tewy

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Tewy is an up and coming artist from the Bay Area who is earning both admiration and respect for his remarkable transition from collegiate athletics into the music industry. 


Tewy’s two main passions are creating music and football.


 He found his love for music at 10 years old when he got a drum set for Christmas. Then at 18 he taught himself how to play the guitar. Tewy’s love for music began at a young age when he got his first two CD’s – Led Zeppelin and Eminem. Besides being an adept drummer and guitarist, Tewy is a seasoned producer and songwriter. He shares his art and beautiful singing voice with his fans on Instagram (@tewy_c). While he always thought of playing music as more of a hobby, he knew he’d been preparing the foundation for what could be a successful music career. 


Tewy was a walkon at one of the best Football Programs in the Nation, The Oregon Ducks. This experience taught Tewy that sometimes the best parts of life are often found outside of the comfort zone. He knew it wouldn’t be easy to walk on, but if he worked as hard as he could, he’d have a chance. He also understood that if he did make the team, he’d have his work cut out for him as a student-athlete at a school that prides itself on its football success. Although he spent hours in film rooms, training camps, practices, and traveling, Tewy never got away from his other passion that is music. He still produced beats, wrote songs, and practiced the guitar whenever he found time. He continued to study the greats who inspired him. Some of his current inspirations include Russ, Marc E Bassy, Mike., and Masego, and his music reflects a hint of each of those greats within it.


Ultimately, Tewy found that the two main keys to success are taking risks and working hard. You can create your own luck with preparation and consistency. So when he decided to delve fully into the world of creating music, he never looked back. He doesn’t believe that he’s at a disadvantage because he started his music career a bit later, but rather as an advantage that he’d already been accustomed to taking risks, handling adversity, and working around the clock until he gets what he wants.

Tewy’s first EP in 2020 called “It’s All Love” with producer Kyle Bettencourt has received a ton of admiration from fans all around the world. Tewy has spent countless hours in the studio this year and is looking forward to releasing new music and going on tour in the coming months. 


He is set to release his hit single called “Getaway” on July 26th.


You can find Tewy here:

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