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The Calgary Superstar “Jupitxr” Is Back With Another Hit Record Entitled “Pure”

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Jupitxr, is a native of Calgary, Canada, and has been making his way up the charts, landing him as the next big thing in the hip-hop community. One of his recent releases spreading like wildfire on major streaming platforms is his self produced single “Pure.” Jupitxr being as dedicated as he is, isn’t satisfied with just his single dominating globally. He is prepping the release of a visual album that teases to be one of, if not his best work to date. If he keeps this up he’s going to be the biggest artist in Canada soon.
Jupitxr is on a roll and keeping up what he’s known for best: releasing some of the hottest tracks that the music community has ever heard. His art first took root within the filed of producing, bringing a fresh and creative sound with his heavy hitting trap beats. While Jupitxr became an expert of beats, his versatility and lyrical ability brought him the recognition of being hip-hop’s upcoming rising star. Not only does he hold a sound and style unique to only him, he also has a deep passion for hip-hop culture. The lyrical content surrounding real-life issues experienced by many worldwide can attest to the impact of his music. He is a modern day hip-hop connoisseur, on a mission to return rap to the days where it was more than simply a hot beat with no substance or flavor.
Jupitxr’s access to his talent pool of songwriting, rapping, singing, and producing makes him well rounded to do as everyone is expecting him to; take over the charts. His releases thus far, and his upcoming projects are on track to do just as predicted. A talent like Jupitxr is as rare as they come. His reign is sure, and his longevity is all but certain once he continues keeping up the standard he has already set for himself. Be sure to check out his recent release “Pure”.
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