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The Best Show on Netflix You Aren’t Watching

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We all been there, scrolling through Netflix trying to find something to pique your interests and then 28 minutes later you finally decide to put on the same show you’ve watched 100 times because who doesn’t love re-runs? Maybe you even watched a few trailers of new things just to see and stumbled across this gem but quickly ignored it because its not in english. Well I’m here to let you know, this is probably the best show on Netflix you aren’t watching.


German Television series about time traveling, filled with unexpected twists and reveals, this is Grade A nerdy-film buff porn. Beautifully shot, and filled with mind bending content, this series takes viewers on a journey through space and time as a small German town is turned upside down as a missing person case reveals more than anyone could’ve expected.

With the third season recently released (I’m literally watching this now and you guys should hurry and watch so I can talk spoilers) there are plenty of episodes to hold you over for those of you remaining in quarantine. We follow high school student, Jonas investigate the disappearance of his friends’ younger brother only to find he bites off much more than he bargained for. Worlds collide, time intertwines and your mind melts while trying to keep up with whats happening, but one thing is for sure this is great television.

By Jean Paul Cortorreal

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