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Bout That Action: Jumaane Williams

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As national conversations surrounding the #BlackLivesMatter talking point of defunding the police swirl, state and city officials have tried placating protesters with shiny street paintings and street name changes but have fallen short with actual action. New York City’s mayor even tried to pull a fast one and move some of NYPD’s budget onto the Department of Education in order to say he was defunding police. Truth is, he isn’t. If only there were someone that liste….wait *Jim Ross voice* by god is that Jumaane Williams’ entrance music?!

Jumaane Williams, New York City’s Public Advocate, has entered the conversation and instantly Ric Flair chopped Mayor DeBlasio in the chest. He is threatening to use his power as stated in the charter, to refrain from collecting the city’s property taxes until the NYPD freezes hiring and also removed police officers from schools.

Mr. Williams has held this office since 2019 and many think is the favorite to run for Mayor in 2021. Raised in Brooklyn, Jumaane Williams is a New Yorker at heart and has always had the best interest of the people. After being elected to the city council in 2009 he successfully helped pass legislation ending Stop and Frisk. He has always been about police reform so him entering into the conversation into defunding the police is in his wheelhouse.

Jumaane Williams lives up to the title of Public Advocate and unlike Mayor DeBlasio, is ‘Bout That Action Boss.’


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