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Lights “Ko-Lee Noodles”

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West-London artist Light continues his impressive release streak with his fifth single of the year, “Ko-Lee Noodles.”

‘Ko-Lee Noodles’ is Light’s fifth release so far this year. The artist has released four other singles entitled “Dirty Sprite,” “FNO (Failures No Option),” “Fuck Rap,” and “Twelve,” all of which have been very well received by the audience, with over 30K streams on average each.

‘Koo-Lee Noodles’ was born from a random burst of inspiration fueled by hunger. The artist woke up one morning and realized that the only breakfast he had was a pot of Ko-Lee noodles. He started freestyling about it and soon wrote a 16-bar, which his team encouraged him to finish.

Light’s inspiration stems from his diverse heritage. His mother is half Welsh and Irish, and his father is a Rastafarian man from Grenada who worked as an events manager in the West End. He grew up helping his father hand out flyers to partygoers at the Notting Hill carnival to promote his stage and DJs, which allowed Light to be fully immersed in the culture.

Light’s sound was quite different from the soul and reggae he would hear at home

The West London artist aims to dominate the rap and drill scene with the latest release.

Check out “Ko-Lee Noodles” below and familiarize yourself with Light on social media.


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