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Dizzy Goku “Better Sides Of You”

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Dizzy Goku’s new slow jam, “Better Sides of You,” portrays the desire to be loved while feeling the urgency of finding someone to love.

The creation process started with an acoustic guitar sample, which set the tone for the Pop and Contemporary R&B sound and was later completed by three talented London based instrumentalists named Rocco Hussle, Sh0tgun Josh, and Debani, who added the drums, baseline, and respectively electric guitar for the bridge and outro. ‘Better Sides of You’ is the lead single of Dizzy Goku’s upcoming EP, which will be released later this year. Previously he released his debut EP in 2023 entitled Nightmares and Fantasies, which reflects on a time of doubt and emotional turmoil in the artist’s life.

A multifaceted artist and person, Dizzi Goku’s music explore themes ranging from love and friendship to betrayal, paranoia, self-discovery, and the pursuit of the unknown. The artist describes it as “romantic, sad, and nostalgic” and has been acknowledged by various platforms and international artists.

Dizzy’s music explores love, friendship, betrayal, and self-discovery themes. He is a multifaceted artist who is appreciated by various platforms and international artists. He’s an artist to watch in 2024. He’s known for his distinctive sound, creative vision, and meticulous projects.

Stream “Better Sides of You” now, and afterward, feel free to follow the new star on social media.

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