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What sparked the idea for your new mixtape, and how does it capture the essence of who you are right now?


The idea behind my new mixtape, “Spinback,” is a reflection on the past year of my life, encompassing both the highs and lows. From the traumatic experience of losing a young woman in my bed to the passing of my mother, it’s been a journey of resilience and self-discovery. Despite the challenges, I’ve had to pick up the pieces of my mental well-being while balancing a family of my own.


Can you let us in on the stories and emotions woven into the songs of this mixtape?


The mixtape delves into the skepticism and negativity from peers, friends, and family, serving as a driving force to prove my worth and determination. Each song is imbued with personal experiences and emotions, reflecting moments of triumph and introspection.


Any cool stories about collaborating with fellow artists or producers that made this project special?


Collaborating with artists like Conan, Dyce Peso, and Jim Jones has been a rewarding experience. Additionally, working closely with a producer and learning the craft has added depth to the project, creating a dynamic synergy among creatives.


Were there personal moments or life events that inspired the lyrics and gives of the mixtape?


The passing of my mother heavily influenced the lyrical content, as she was a source of support and inspiration. Her favorite song, now featured on the EP, serves as a tribute to her enduring impact on my life.


If your mixtape had a mood, what would it be, and how did you bring that to life musically?


The mixtape encapsulates a range of moods, from energetic tracks perfect for the club to soulful melodies that evoke intimate moments. By infusing diverse musical elements, I aimed to create a multi-dimensional listening experience that resonates with various emotions.


Any behind the scenes moments or challenges during the making of the mixtape that stand out?


Collaborating with multiple producers and studios presented its challenges, but it also allowed for invaluable networking opportunities within the industry. Overcoming these obstacles and refining the creative process has been a significant aspect of the journey.


Is there a particular track that’s like a piece of your soul, and what makes it so meaningful to you?


“Wanting More” holds a special place in my heart as it encapsulates the essence of my experiences in the nightlife scene and the yearning for greater fulfillment. It’s a track that resonates deeply with me and holds sentimental value, especially since it was appreciated by my mother.


Tell us about the artwork- what story does it tell about the mixtape?


Currently collaborating with an artist for the EP artwork, we’re exploring concepts to ensure it accurately reflects the essence of the mixtape. The artwork will visually convey the themes and emotions encapsulated within the music.


How do you feel you’ve grown as an artist, and how does this mixtape reflect that journey?


Over the past year, I’ve delved into the business side of music, learning about management and production, which has expanded my creative horizons. “Spinback” reflects this growth both lyrically and sonically, showcasing a deeper understanding of the artistry behind music production.


What’s the dream connection you hope your listeners make with the stories and feelings in your mixtape?


My aim is for listeners to connect with the authenticity of my life experiences portrayed through the mixtape. Whether it’s relating to moments of triumph, resilience, or introspection, I hope the music resonates with them on a personal level, forging a meaningful connection between artist and audience.


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