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Rising Artist Nicole Dash Jones Continues To Break Barriers

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With her infectiously catchy single “Change the World,” which she co-wrote with KC Lights, Nicole Dash Jones has solidified her position as a major player in the global music industry. With over 10 million listens on Spotify, this hit song has mesmerized audiences across the globe, proving Nicole’s incredible talent for connecting with fans everywhere.

Throughout her musical journey, Nicole has collaborated with illustrious names in the fields of music production and songwriting. One of them is the renowned musician, composer, and sound engineer Matt Schwartz, who has collaborated with YUNGBLUD and many more. Over the course of his long and fruitful career, Schwartz has worked across many genres, producing hits like “Hide U” by Kosheen and collaborating with artists such as Massive Attack and Yomanda.

Another big name in Nicole’s career is Grammy-winning producer Rodney Jerkins, better known as Darkchild. He is famous for making Destiny’s Child “Say My Name” and Brandy and Monica’s “The Boy Is Mine” smash hits. The popular dance single “Heartbreak,” which features Nicole as both a lyricist and a featured artist, is part of Nicole’s discography. It features the artist Mblack. In this song, Nicole demonstrates her versatility and ability to blend into different types of music with the song reaching #1 on Billboard dance AirPlay charts for 6 weeks.

Late in 2024, Nicole will release “Girl of the Year,” which features the single “Sad Songs” and continues her upward career trajectory. At this point in her journey, she meets Tim Jeanneret, a producer, co-writer, and founder of Bloom Creative; Mher Fillian, a producer who has collaborated with Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez, is also introduced. Their partnership showcases Nicole’s dedication to delving into uncharted musical realms and a notable leap forward in her artistic career.

“Change the World” — A Global Success Story

“Change the World,” Nicole’s duet with KC Lights, exemplifies her immense popularity. Her worldwide influence is highlighted by the success of her music on platforms like Spotify and its play on major radio stations like Sirius XM and BBC Radio 1. The song’s global play at major festivals and clubs only serves to elevate Nicole’s profile in the music industry.

The life of Nicole Dash Jones is about more than just her collaborations with famous musicians and her success on the charts. Legends like Bowie, Lennon, Stevie Nicks and Dylan serve as influences for a groundbreaking artist in the story. Her multi-instrumental skill set and eclectic musical influences—which include pop, soul, R&B, and dance—give her a distinct edge in the music industry.

Fans are getting increasingly excited for Nicole Dash Jones’s upcoming projects, which include “Melt” written with Tim Jeanneret, “Sad Songs” and “Girl of the Year,’ ‘ as she keeps shredding musical barriers. She is well-positioned for continued success as a global music sensation thanks to her impressive track record and commitment to musical innovation. Not only does Nicole’s artistry revolutionize the music industry, but it also inspires others to follow their creative passions, leaving a lasting impact that goes beyond genres and generations.

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