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Introducing “Yote” A Seasoned Rapper hailing from the 919

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Introducing “Yote” a seasoned Rapper hailing from the 919 (Raleigh, NC) who could easily be placed in the categories of Emcee/Lyricist due to his ability to paint verbol pictures on scriptures. Yote has had a very fruitful music career until 2016 when he lost it all. Battling abandonment and Addiction, it took a lot of strength & discipline for Yote to get back into music. Yote says he owes it to his fiance’ and his 3 daughters whom helped re-birth his passion for Hip-Hop and his will to live. Connecting with Hip-Hop music veteran Producer/Engineer “E. Smitty” Yote releases his latest record “I Be” over trappy nostalgic production as he exhibits his growth as an artist/emcee as it reveals great success to come. Stream “I Be” on @Youtube Now and look forward to more future collaborations between these brothers. 


Twitter: @Yote919

Instagram: @yote919

Linktree: @yote919


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Twitter: @Sound_Alive_Rec

Instagram: @Sound_Alive_Rec

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