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Yourownmusic presents Indie Artists on the Rise in 2024

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American pop performer Britton, who is from New York, has been making waves in the indie pop market. Britton has been able to win over many hearts with his captivating tunes and sincere lyrics thanks to his distinctive style and deep voice.

As a pop musician, Britton incorporates indie pop elements into his work to produce a unique yet recognizable sound. His music is distinguished by its contagious hooks and cheerful rhythms, which force listeners to dance. However, it’s not just the music that sets Britton apart; his unfiltered, visceral vocals are what give his compositions their true vitality.

Britton should be on the radar for listeners of pop and indie pop music. He is certain to continue building a reputation for himself in the music industry because to his distinctive sound and evident talent. Therefore, Britton’s contagious pop choruses are your best bet if you’re looking for music that will get you up and moving. Listen to his song on Youtube.


an independent artist from Indiana known for his high energy live performances in addition to intricate lyricism and melody based bangers. He has been full time in the music industry for 12 years and also owns & operates Successful Musik Studios in Fort Wayne, IN. His pop album release “Treasure” reached #17 on the global rap & pop charts and highlights an impressive catalog amassed over the course of his career , still releasing new songs nearly every two weeks for the last few years.


T has self booked & rocked over 1300 live events worldwide in 14 different countries, rocking tours as well as arenas alongside superstars such as Ludacris, Nelly, Ja Rule & Ashanti, Tech N9ne and Kevin Gates to name a few. His in studio work shines as well, with over 35 commercial licensing placements, 20 of which are new ones to be announced for 2024 with a variety of partners such as Netflix, ABC Family & more. With over 6 million listens across his entire catalog and building momentum consistently, Zank is becoming an independent powerhouse that doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. Listen on Spotify.


Australian Rapper IamSnap is a must inclusion in 2024s top Indy artists. With a catelogue 500 thick and Billboard plaques to match, IamSnap deserves all the credit he gets. A self admitted “lifer” of the industry, he consistantly drops banger after banger and we hope he never stops. Listen to his music on Spotify.

Young Invent

Code name Black Spanish Rock Star is a mixture of some of the greatest artist wrapped into one vessel. Born and raised in Los Angeles but had the privilege of traveling the world from a young age. Seeing different parts of the world and cultures allowed him to enjoy music of all genres, which you can hear the different influences in his music. From the Police to Stevie Wonder to Jay-Z to so many more. His catchy hooks and low baritone voice is soothing and calming when he wants you to be in that zone but his energy is high octane and contagious on all his dance music. Focused on becoming successful after 2 near death experiences in 2018 (virus) and 2021 (accident) we are lucky to have him. Listen to his music and follow on Instagram.

Cele Cortez

The Melodic Rap artist from Washington who uses music as an amplifier of the man’s emotions in today’s world. As a child, Celestino was cheered on by his mother who noted his affinity for rhythm and composing. The parent offered empty coffee cans and sticks to the future singer to explore his natural gift of songwriting. As he grew up, Cele Cortez plunged into studying Hip Hop music by breakdancing, freestyling, and listening to the likes of Tupac and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.


Equally, however, the singer favored the likes of Smokey Robinson, The Tempations group, and Whitney Houston which resulted in a most universal appreciation of music and multi-genre exposure of the rapper’s creativity. The international publication Blue Rhymez Entertainment stated in 2020 of the Make A Movie single: “A laid back flow that’s suave and rich in its course while the rapper’s voice is Jason Derulo if he sung in a lower tone but with vocal classes from The Weeknd.” From 2012 to the present day, the artist estimates his integral repertoire to contain at least 230 songs. From the public releases, Along The Line, the album of 14 tracks dates back to 2018, 21st Infantry (8 songs) was realeased in 2019, and The Last Fallen Angel(10 songs) in 2020. Get more info on Linktree.

Eric Cohen

Missouri-based hip hop artist Eric Cohen emerged from a turbulent past of poverty and addiction, discovering redemption through music. Facing personal struggles, he hit rock bottom until a transformative moment struck when he heard a radio beat. Overcoming faith and family challenges, Cohen found purpose in poetic expression, spreading hope, peace, and power through his music. Despite imperfections, he encourages listeners to trust in God’s unwavering support. Cohen perceives a universal rhythm and divine purpose, urging others to surrender to Jesus for a beautiful journey. His story emphasizes the transformative power of embracing one’s calling and finding light in the darkest moments. The beats that once resonated in despair now carry a message of resilience and redemption, inviting others to step into the rhythm of creation and embrace the beauty that emerges from life’s challenges. Listen to his songs on Spotify.

Wordz Deejay

An Austrian DJ and producer, has been shaping the music scene for over two decades. Collaborating closely with his studio partner Mike Brubek at Topsecret-Musicproductions, Wordz Deejay has been a driving force behind numerous chart-topping hits. With a track record boasting multi-platinum and gold awards, their productions and remixes have garnered widespread acclaim from both fans and industry peers alike.

Wordz Deejay’s musical repertoire is as diverse as it is dynamic, spanning genres such as Eurodance, EDM, Techno, Reggaeton and Electronic Beats infused with elements of Rap and Hip Hop. Drawing inspiration from iconic figures like Daft Punk, David Guetta, and the legendary Paolo Sandrini, Wordz Deejay continually pushes the boundaries of creativity, blending various styles to craft his signature sound. With an illustrious career marked by innovation and success, Wordz Deejay continues to captivate audiences worldwide with his electrifying performances and cutting-edge productions. Listen to his songs on Spotify.

The 308

A rap group consisting of Royyal Music M.R. Hybrid and Niino Benz. Coming from totally different places but formed in the MidWest. The unorthodox group brings a rare but, new interesting sound to the U.S rap scene. They’re goal is to make Mind – altering catchy new area rap music that moves people in every way. Royyal is the brains. a dense versatile lyricist with a smooth aggressive sound. The Nebraska native is considered the wildcard in the hiphop community. Who loves beating the odds. Hybrid is the smooth light skin “Lavish”. His bold lyrics and free-spirited persona makes him the playboy of the group stemming from the combo of his Portuguese roots and his Midwestern upbringing.


Niino Benz is an energetic beast with hard knocking punchlines. His unique vibe emerges from his diverse past. Born and raised in Morocco, Africa. Young Niino moved to NY at 15 where he fell in love with rap music. His multilingualism gives him an advantage as he is fluent in English, French and Darija. The 308 came into the scene with there hit song Tryna Find You dropped in 2022. 308 has shared the stage with Doobie, Hylyte, Caskey, King Iso, Taebo Tha Truth, C-Mob, Otis Julius, Jay Influential, Mumbles, King Kash, C10, Whitney Peyton, and ect. This hungry upcoming group plans to take over the world. Listen to his songs on Spotify.

King Jay Da Blountman

Born and raised in the sunshine state Florida, in a city called St Augustine. I was raised in a church which is where I first noticed my musical talent. At the age of 3 I laid my hands on my first set of drum sticks. Self taught, I was able to keep up with the melody of the piano player as well as the choir. Once I mastered the drums I tested my skills on the piano. Not knowing how to read music I just heard the sound of each key, harmonized and created my own songs. Growing older not only was I good with my hands, I also found out I could sing. In the house washing dishes with my headphones on I would put on Michael Jackson, dance & sing along as if I was on stage with him. When I started high school at St Augustine High my focus changed from music to football. I played as a safety from freshman to junior year. My senior year I was able to show my talent as the starting running back. Going undefeated all season, in the St Augustine Record every Saturday morning and making it to round 4 of the playoffs I almost thought I had to hang my cleats up until I was confronted by a recruiter from Defiance College in Defiance Ohio. Taking a 1,000 mile trip to visit the school and hang out with some of the players I made the decision to have a change in scenery and attend Defiance in the 2011 school year. During my time there I found my passion for rap. Listen to his songs on Spotify.


from the United Kingdom. He has produced music for well over a decade and over the years has produced many different genres of music such as Rap, Rnb, Drill & Grime to now mainly focusing on club & dance music, such as, House, DnB, Bass & Garage music.

He has already released a handful of new singles this year already, such as the House/Dance single ‘About Us’ with the American Duo ‘Sammy & Lesen’ featuring the UK vocalist Kirstie V. ‘Papirus’ has a new music video coming out later this year featuring the charting artist ‘S Dog’ from the UK, that would be worth looking out for as the song really packs a punch, delivering a unique performance on a northern UK style Organ House beat.

With a social media following of over 200k and growing, be sure to check out the latest release from ‘Papirus’.

Chilli Hendrix

is a rising force in the world of hip-hop, captivating audiences with his unique sound and captivating performances. Hailing from Fort Wayne, Indiana , Chilli has been making waves in the industry with his distinct musical style and undeniable talent. Listen to his songs on Spotify.

Terry jones

American rapper Terry Jones, who is from Pittsburgh, is one of the genre’s rising stars. His music captures the spirit of contemporary urban culture with a primary genre of Hip Hop and a subset of Contemporary Hip Hop. Terry has excellent lyrics, flawless flow, and compelling delivery. He skillfully combines creative humor with insightful narration, conjuring up detailed images with his words.

Terry Jones’ music serves as a symbol of the development and invention that characterize modern hip hop. He pushes the limits of the genre by skillfully fusing components from many musical genres to produce a sound that is all his own. His capacity for change and experimentation exemplifies his versatility as an artist and establishes him as a major player in the field.

Terry Jones shines out as a true artist in a world full of generic rappers. His love for music is contagious, and every bar he spits shows his commitment to his profession. He keeps demonstrating that he is more than just a musician with each new song he makes; he is also a narrative, a visionary, and a voice for his generation. Watch out for Terry Jones as he continues to make headlines in the Hip Hop industry and forever alters the course of the genre.

Terry Jones was recently signed by the talented former Sony & Warner A&R Eric McLellan to a distribution deal with Boost Collective this year. His recent collaborations with Dashius Clay and Xyber Beats have been making waves. Listen to his Songs on Spotify.

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