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CHH Artist Jarian Debuts The Official Music Video For His Hit Single “Crown”

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“Crown” the hit single off “Dear America”, the most recent EP released by Jairian officially has a stunning visual to go with it which does anything but disappoint. (That is only until its abrupt and unfortunate end) Jairian is a seasoned veteran in the Christian Hip-Hop scene having no shortcoming of accomplishments under his belt. These range from numerous different metric-based accolades to professional visuals and even top tier news coverage. This being said, it’s only fitting to see his name in the headlines again.
Today, we’re covering “Crown”.

The Auditory Experience
“Only Jesus is that.”
In this piece Jairian shows off prowess as a skilled rapper on the scene. Right out of the gate the speed Jairian raps at in the first verse is that of a fastball. His flow changes throughout the entirety of the song actively hold the attention of the listeners whether they like it or not. From bar to bar and verse to verse you can’t help but want to wait to hear what comes next. That is until the unfortunate, but bound to happen, end of the song. Perhaps this is due to his natural ability to story-tell in his music. In this song you can clearly hear the demons Jairian is fighting. Their voices echo throughout the song being beautifully integrated into not only the hook, but also into the later verse and even the beat itself. Despite a stark contrast to the visual, (which we will break down in the following paragraph) the song itself portrays an almost upbeat feel to it, paired with a feeling of hope. An impressive musical and story-tellling feat given the grim visual taking place.

Dissecting The Visual

One of the very first things you’ll notice in this music video is the futuristic piece of eye-wear worn by Jairian. This makes you question if this is a possible glimpse of the future or perhaps a future more healed and grown version of Jairian being introduced to the world. To further support the first listed possability, one of the scenes of the set is that of a very dystopian future. One of great destruction and despair with not a soul in sight beyond Jairian himself. That is only when Jairian isn’t in the church, where we know with great confidence the Spirit of Christ is of the utmost-certainty with him. Not even when he raps in what should be busy streets do we see a glimpse of life. The outfit sported by Jairian in this visual also points towards dark times with Jairian being laced in black; black gloves, black pants, a hood, he even fashions what appears to be some sort of a black tactical vest contributing all the more to a strong feeling of vigilante justice or the “Good Guys” rebellion. Jairians demons appear around him in various forms shown from the start to the end. All dawning robes, some red and some black they also all wore face masks, almost as though they’re embarrassed by who they are and have become; ashamed to show their true selves. If you look closely you can even see a belt stamped with what we imagine to be religious insignia. Thankfully for us all, by the end of the video, like a lightning strike down to Earth from God himself, with the aid of the power of Christ, Jairian is able to defeat his demons of today leaving them to burn in Hell for eternity.

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