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Playboy Poppy Drops Highly Anticipated Project, School of P!

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When asked who’s leading the way for the Carolina’s, only one name comes to mind — Playboy Poppy. Playboy Poppy continues his prowess, slashing his way through the hip-hop industry stopping for nothing but only backends. Native to the Carolina’s, he embodies the Carolina’s not only through his music but, through his community-centric entrepreneurialism, thus, keeping his homeland at the heart of his endeavors.
Today, he drops the long-awaited project, “School Of P”, and it’s a celebration of his dedication to his music, his community, as well as a graduation from what he calls; “School Of P”. So what exactly is ‘School Of P’ some might ask? Well, tracks like, “Playaz Testimony 2”, “Blood On 300” and “Playa Problems” (which features heavy-hitter Lil Poppa of CMG), describes the meaning perfectly. On this project, Playboy Poppy delivers per usual, showcasing his signature style and relentless hustle, as well as detailing his life struggles from youth.
The project is a follow up to the single released earlier this month (Playa Problems) which captured the #44 spot on the Apple Music/iTunes Top 50 Chart. Playboy Poppy is certainly on pace to continue his run as a dominant force from the Carolina’s.
You can stream the project here on Apple Music, Tidal, and Spotify.
Welcome to the “School Of P”!

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