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French filmmaker Dylan Besseau collaborated with the son of M’toro Chamou.

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For the musical composition of his recent documentary, “Anne Bouillon: Justice for Women,” young French filmmaker Dylan Besseau collaborated with Keziah Chamsidini, the son of M’toro Chamou, a prominent Mahoran singer considered the ambassador of Mayotte’s music. The two met in France and quickly aligned on the artistic direction and musical atmosphere intended to enhance the film about the powerful French lawyer Anne Bouillon. She inspired Dylan to title the soundtrack “Eve,” referencing the first known woman in the world and paying homage to the lawyer’s strong advocacy for feminism. A song dominated by guitar and piano notes, drawing inspiration from the sounds of Korean film music. The rhythm, simultaneously catchy and poetic, is delicately executed by Keziah, inheriting musical talents from his father. This film was produced by Artwooks Media, the audiovisual agency that Dylan established in 2021 with his two filmmaker friends, Guillaume Gevart and Antoine Godet. All three of them are passionate about music.

Even though he’s a fan of classical or pop music, Dylan doesn’t want to confine himself to a single genre of music. In his upcoming film, he plans to incorporate Rap music. Actively searching for songwriters and composers, he hopes to discover one or more motivated artists to bring his future project to life. Emphasizing the crucial role of music in audiovisual artistic expression, this collaboration reflects the shared perspective of some filmmakers who consider sound to outweigh visuals in an audiovisual work.

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