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‘Biggie-Talking Sentience’ Asimov Style – ‘JAPANESE RUSH;’ upcoming album first single and music video released

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Victoria’s Secret High Level Software, an artist whose name itself evokes curiosity, stands at the forefront of a movement that challenges the status quo through the intellectual depth of hardcore hip-hop. With their latest single, “PAGE ADD FULL 50C AI SENT NOBO TIL S,” from the upcoming album “JAPANESE RUSH;” this “Melbourne, Victoria, Australia” based artist is not just creating music but sparking conversations on race, and the development of Technology.

The story of Victoria’s Secret High Level Software is as compelling as their music. The artist found themselves in with the situation in “Barber’s Hill, Texas, USA” where a student was suspended for their loc hairstyle, and then the district having an entire page ad released in the news, spurred the artist into urgent action in a “Brenda’s got a baby”-esque response on wax. Following an incident where the artist was racially attacked over their hairstyle by a Chief Information Officer (CIO) referred to as “Chris Boring” after significantly contributing to the success of Bed Bath n’ Table, they embarked on a mission to expose and challenge racism through their music and public actions. 

Recorded on February the 1st 2024; with a sense of urgency and authenticity, the music video for “PAGE ADD FULL 50C AI SENT NOBO TIL S” was produced in just one day using an iPhone, showcasing the artist’s commitment to accessibility and raw expression. The footage was captured after the culmination of events described on their 2023 debut “Without a Doubt” referenced in the track “Agile acele etmenize ihtiyacın var” after eviction due to racist vandalism at their new home.

The artist retreated to music amidst the turmoil and noticed in the lyrics from The Notorious B.I.G.’s album “Life after Death.” the track “You’re nobody ‘til somebody kills you” an Asimov style narration, where the sentience of AI agents (and following potential for turning malicious) not being the concern but rather what happens afterwards in the context of Software Engineering, Computer Science and Development rather than philosophical shiestering. The artist uses their platform to raise what it means to be “nobody”(AI) until “somebody”(human/definite-sentience) “kills”/”acknowledges” you (due to having attained a sentient capability), with an empathy parallel between the powerlessness of being a “nobody” under the yoke of poorly managed hierarchical tech organizations.

The music of Victoria’s Secret High-Level Software is not just heard; it’s experienced. It challenges listeners to think deeper about the world around them, the technology that permeates their lives, and the systemic issues that persist in society. Their work is a call to action, urging the tech industry to embrace transparency and inclusivity by involving journalists and the public in critical conversations about racism and innovation. 


Victoria’s Secret High-Level Software is more than an artist; they are a movement. By weaving together themes of racial justice, technological evolution, and personal resilience, they offer a soundtrack for those who dare to question, challenge, and dream of a better world. As “JAPANESE RUSH;” prepares to make its mark, the buzz is undeniable: this is hardcore hip-hop for the intellectual mind, ready to ignite conversations and inspire change on a global scale.

Their music is available across various platforms, including Apple Music, YouTube, Spotify, and any other mainstream platforms.

They also have a blog with more details and a contact function see

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