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Kountry Wayne Talks $20M From Social Media, Cheating, BBLs, Calls Out Jess Hilarious & Faizon Love

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Kountry Wayne spills the beans to Shannon Sharpe on the wild ride that is his life during this episode of Club Shay Shay. With ten kids from five baby mamas, Kountry Wayne navigates the unpredictable waters of his unconventional family life, sharing tales of buying women Brazilian butt lifts only to find himself single shortly after. This no-holds-barred conversation touches on the timeless debate of who cheats more—men or women—adding a comedic spin to relationship dynamics. As Kountry Wayne unveils the dollars he’s raked in through social media, the episode takes unexpected turns, including heartfelt and honest moments about his mom’s death and the dubious days of drug dealing with his dad. To top it all off, Kountry Wayne also calls out fellow comedians Jess Hilarious and Faizon Love; channeling the spirit of the one and only Katt Williams. It’s a laughter-filled journey through the unique life and perspective of Kountry Wayne.

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