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Keon K.O.K Unleashes the Global Masterpiece Hit Single ‘Get Ummm’

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Keon K.O.K introduces his latest hit single, “Get Ummm,” a trendy masterpiece that is making waves worldwide across social media platforms, online blogs, and global radio. As the Founder and President of Krown Kulture Unltd, Keon, whose name translates to “King of Kings” (K.O.K) in Persian, has always embodied an entrepreneurial spirit.

Originally from Jersey City, NJ, and now based in Houston, TX, Keon’s journey began at the age of 7 when he engaged in entrepreneurial activities, selling candy and iced cups alongside his older siblings and neighborhood peers in New York City.

The single “Get Ummm” showcases Keon’s impactful flow and sharp verses, creating an explosive vibe that resonates from start to finish. His extreme ambition and hardworking mindset allowed him to tap into his innate musical skills, building a better life for himself and those around him.

Facing the challenges of growing up in the tough environment of “The Hill” or “Bullet Town” in Jersey City, marked by high crime rates, Keon was determined to carve a different path from an early age. Inspired by his surroundings, he became a formidable competitor in various fields, achieving the title of Heavyweight Golden Glove Champion in NJ and securing a full scholarship as a football player from St. Peter’s Prep to Delaware State University.

Despite being a former offensive lineman with a weight exceeding 350lbs and battling chronic high blood pressure at the age of 20, Keon had a clear vision of his future. Through a unique diet and boxing workout regimen, he transformed both his mind and body, shedding 150lbs in just 5 months.

Entering the music industry as an Independent Artist, Keon achieved national charting success, reaching #29 on Digital Radio Tracking for Indie Artists. His accomplishments include over 2 million views on YouTube, features on prominent national TV music platforms like BET Jams & Music Choice, and spins on 60 plus FM radio stations. Remarkably, these achievements were realized without the support of major labels, co-signs, or financial backing.

Shaped by his experiences at St. Peter’s Prep, Keon incorporates fundamental principles into his adult life, emphasizing Accountability, Belief, Commitment, and Discipline (ABCD).

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