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Droco Mac Was Recently Signed By Jim Jones:

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Emerging star, Droco Mac has been making a name for himself lately. Being signed by Jim Jones to Vampire Life Records/EMPIRE is a major step in his career. Dropping a track like “Rounds” as the first release under the label showcases his talent and the support of numerous established artists. “Rounds” featured James Foreign and included a video that was shot by AkinFilmsNYC in Manhattan.

Droco Mac’s association with renowned producers like NYMADEJJ indicates a promising future in the music industry. Droco has stated on many occasions that he plans to be at the top of this industry, which explains his reasoning for frequently referring to himself as “The Diamond In The Rough”. This phrase is a statement that expresses his current underground status that will soon change once his music is heard by the world.

The support and backing of such an established figure like Jim Jones could provide Droco with invaluable opportunities to expand his fan base and reach new heights in the music industry. Rumors even state that Jim Jones and Droco Mac are cousins. This partnership might also shed light on the burgeoning talent within the Huntington Station music scene, where Droco Mac is originally from. The area of Huntington, New York is also known for breeding prominent singer Mariah Carey and a few other big names, so very soon it’s likely that Droco Mac will be added to that list.

Recently, Droco also teased his new song with Jim Jones on his social media. This gem hasn’t dropped yet, however fans are expecting the track to be released within February of 2024. This record will mark Droco’s first major feature and seems to be produced by James Foreign! Fans hope to see a video with this song as well, but of course that is not promised. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for the diamond in the rough, known as Droco Mac.

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