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Holiday Surprise! Get Ready for ‘Best of O’ by Onpointop This December

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Ever met someone who seems to have it all? Talent, charisma, a flair for the business, and a creative spirit that just won’t quit? Enter Onpointop, the hip-hop sensation turning heads in every direction. But there’s more to this story than just sick beats and smooth rhymes. Onpointop’s upcoming album, “Best of O”, is a declaration of artistic versatility and passion, a special treat for fans as the year winds down.

Picture a blend of rhythms and words that gets heads nodding and hearts racing. That’s the essence of “Best of O”, an album that promises to be a musical feast for the ears. Onpointop’s recent release, ‘Fstyles and Trapflows 2’, a sequel to the acclaimed ‘Fstars and Trappers’, has also resonated strongly with fans, solidifying his status as a hitmaker in the music industry. But, Onpointop isn’t just another artist in the crowded world of hip-hop. This artist is a chameleon in the music industry, effortlessly shifting between genres, and proving his mettle beyond just rap.

Onpointop’s journey in music is, frankly, just a slice of an entire pie of talents. His roots are in drama and writing, with a childhood sprinkled with drama school experiences and production roles. Plus, he’s a business mogul. With a background in business studies, there’s a force to reckon with in the business arena. This artist isn’t just playing the game; the game is being changed. Understanding the importance of being hands-on in every project, whether in music or business, is crucial.

What’s more, Onpointop isn’t just making music; he’s creating it from scratch. Mixing, mastering, engineering, producing, writing, orchestrating – all are part of the skill set. And, there’s even a band! Imagine Onpointop strumming the guitar, surrounded by a drummer, bass guitar player, and saxophonist, creating magic. It’s not just a dream; it’s happening in 2024!

In music, Onpointop’s not one to be pigeonholed. Hip-hop may be home ground, but every field has been played on. His catalog is a testament to versatility. Working with big names like Jessie J, J Hus, Stormzy, and Sam Smith has only added more layers to an already rich musical repertoire.

But here’s what’s truly exciting – “Best of O” is not just another album. It’s a thoughtful gesture to his fans, a musical journey that Onpointop is gifting to the world this December. The aim? To keep music flowing through playlists all through 2024.

Speaking of fans, Onpointop has a knack for connecting with an audience. The journey, from producing shows to creating music that resonates with a diverse audience, has helped build a solid fan base. And it’s not just about keeping existing fans hooked; it’s about reaching out and creating new connections through music.

Onpointop’s advice to budding entrepreneurs is as golden as the lyrics: focus on what you are good at. For him, it’s music and business, a blend mastered over the years. Looking ahead, Onpointop sees a future as a world-renowned business mogul and a musical icon. The vision is clear – to leave a legacy in music and business that echoes across the globe.

So, what’s the takeaway from Onpointop’s story? Never limit oneself. Whether in music, business, or any other field, the potential to excel and make a difference is immense. Follow Onpointop’s journey on Instagram at @olofepence , Twitter and Snapchat, dive into the world of a true artist, a visionary, and a relentless dreamer.

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