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R96: Scotland’s Next Up

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From the gritty depths of the Granite City, R96 emerges as an unfiltered force, his music an unapologetic narrative of the streets coursing through his veins. Each bone-chilling verse is a raw expression, a brushstroke on the canvas of a life painted with the vivid hues of struggle, survival, and the unforgiving realities of the roads. Since the release of his first track, “Trading Places,” in 2022, R96 has etched his presence in the Scottish drill scene and is here to put his city on the map.

In the realm of drill, R96’s authenticity is palpable, reflected not only in his lyrical prowess but also in his appearance as an unyielding figure draped in an all-black Palm Angels tracksuit. This is a symbol of identity, resilience, and a resolute commitment to conquer the game. With tracks such as “KMT” and “Breaking Bad,” R96 has proven his versatility since stepping onto the drill scene in 2022.

R96 then went on to release his first track of 2023, “Open Season,” which serves as a bridge between his earlier successes and subsequent releases and exemplifies not only his musical prowess but also his strategic approach to storytelling. “BADMAN,” released in May, is an anthem among fans; its catchy hook reverberates throughout the scene. “Twist,” which dropped soon after, is a visceral exploration of life on the roads, characterized by unfiltered storytelling, assertive lyricism, and an unapologetic persona. R96’s next project, “RAMBO,” added another chapter to the evolving narrative of his musical journey. Forming a potent amalgamation of poetic violence and eloquence, laying bare the stark realities of street justice. R96’s latest release “ABZ” is an anthemic ode to his Granite City roots. The vivid imagery and wordplay create a stark picture of the challenges, confrontations, strategic maneuvers, and life growing up in Aberdeen.

Live performances have always been an integral part of R96’s connection with his audience, supporting the likes of Kairo Keyz and local talent across venues in Edinburgh. They contribute to the cultivation of a loyal fan base. The electrifying experience of witnessing an artist on stage creates lasting memories, turning casual listeners into devoted supporters. It’s a testament to the transformative power of music, experienced collectively, and a vital chapter in R96’s ongoing narrative.

As the industry looks to the horizon, it’s no surprise that R96 is next up. R96 stands as a torchbearer, illuminating the path for Aberdeen’s unique voice in the ever-evolving landscape of Scottish drill. His journey, marked by milestones, live connections, and sonic evolution, positions R96 not only as an artist of the moment but as a beacon of the future for the Scottish scene.

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