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Florida rappers Behind The Frames and 94Fatso have been garnering lots of critical acclaim this year and going viral for all the wrong reasons.

Over the summer, the pair was subjected to a barrage of hate online for not allowing any other men onboard their yacht party. They captured the moment and essence of their selfishness by documenting it on camera, and then releasing the footage as a music video to their single.

To double down on their self-centered lives that revolve around their love of expensive shit, they’ve released yet another video documenting their antics. ‘Finger Roll’ is in reference to… you guessed it; letting their fingers roll off money.

Not Washingtons or Jefferson’s… only Franklin’s. This is something that you absolutely must know when listening to them. Referencing Takashi Murakami paintings, sculptures and other expensive shit that’s only going to make you mad, ‘Finger Roll’ holds all of these unaffordable things you probably never heard of over your head.

This leaves us asking, what do they even do for a living? Did they just blow their advance after getting signed? I don’t thinkso because they don’t even give new rappers advances like that. So what’s going on are they video pimps or did 94Fatso finally hit it big after years of Keno addiction, what’s the deal? If anyone knows, send an email to me or Fif ASAP we want to know.

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