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Yvnn is Back With Her Latest Single ‘Others’

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Yvnn first came through on the scene with a single called Gravity‘, But now she is taking it up a notch with a new release. Singer/songwriter YVNN is a new special type of artist from Dayton, OH. Even though she has been singing for the majority of her life, this has been her first year as a professional singer.  Being a part of a collective called “Higher Learning” YVNN has broken many barriers with song, which even led her to share a stage with female Rap artist “Glorilla”. 

The first thing that captured supporters about this new release was the cover. Many fans online were expressing how they were eager to hear the sound of this new single, due to how well the cover drew them in. The follow up single, has a very lower tempo than the first but still gives out a good mood vibe. Yvnn shows off her vocal ability by making sure the start of the hook is full of catchy Melodies and rifts. In the background you can hear vocals also being accompanied by fellow collaborator “Luther Suede”.

“Even through the storm, my love gone shine”, is one of the highlight lines for the first verse. In the music world lyrics are important especially in the r&b genre. Yvnn is painting a story for us, that true love still can exist if you allow it. She expresses her feelings to the man in her life , and also how thankful she is to be the woman in his life. The title “Others” is referring to the past relationships she has been through , that were deemed unsuccessful. There is a new passion within her with this new found love.

Don’t get confused, singing is not the only passion or pursuit for Yvnn. YVNN also is a dancer/choreographer, and an actress. She plans to step into the game with more threats than one that’s going to build her to a household name. The visual for this single is dropping real soon, shot and directed by K Dot Media, so we are super excited to see what is coming next from this single.

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