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Introducing $am Mc!

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Like everyone I’ve experienced my own hardships, heartbreak, financial troubles and betrayal from loved ones, throughout all those hard times in my life, I’ve always kept it real with my people and fans, I’ve always stayed true to who I am, and don’t change myself for anyone. I am very big on loyalty, there is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I’m also a big lover boy at heart. I think a lot of people forget who they are and get caught up in the moment and don’t stay true to themselves, that’s definitely not me. I want people to understand that and want to be around me because of me, not because of who I try to be, but because of who I am. One of the biggest accomplishments I have done this year was my performance as part of Vonnwave’s “sink or swim” album release showcase, it was incredible. I’ve experienced a few tough heartbreaks over the years. I’ve had to learn to let time do its thing and learn to love myself more and make sure to continue to put myself first, or I will just get hurt again. I’ve also experienced a few losses, I’ve had really good friends lose their lives to drug abuse and gun violence. That was not easy, I’m still trying to understand and heal from that. If I could give some advice to someone out there, I’d say through all the hard times there will always be sunshine at the end of the rainstorm, it’s up to you to cover yourself in the rain, so you don’t end up drowning yourself in your own sorrows. You only truly have yourself in this world, nobody will ever have your back like you. In a few years I see myself at the top looking down, and looking back at everything knowing I made it through all the things that would have broken me, but didn’t. I did everything that I could and had too, In order to rise up. My goal with this press article is to show people I’m someone worth taking seriously, I also want to share my influence, story, perspective and music to prominent people. In the near future I hope to turn my love of music into a profession, getting signed to a strong label and hitting the. $am Mc- the journey from hell to heaven $am Mc loyalty over love, the musical journey of $am Mc $am Mc- the artist taking over 757 by storm

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